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(From the TOC Forum, 2013/11/30)

Well, here's a list of several problems that may occur when starting the client for the first time.

"d3dx9.dll" not found
You need the newest DirectX Version from Microsoft.

"PhysX is not installed, or an older version is installed."
Please install the newest PhysX system software as well as the PhysX legacy driver by NVidia.
And please DO NOT install the PhysX that is in your MOULa/TOC directory.

Problem with "msvcr110.dll" or "msvcp110.dll"
You are missing the Visual C++ 2012 Runtime. Please use the latest TOC patch and the problem should be fixed.

Could not find Data\*\*.*.gz on the server
An error like this means that you have incorrect files. Maybe you didn't install the TOC client with an up-to-date MOULa client or there was an update by Cyan. In this case you have to manually copy the specified files or the whole MOULa dat folder to your TOC client.

"Error: UruLauncher.exe has stopped working"
If you get this error, right click on your UruLauncher.exe and check "Run as administrator".


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