TOCMoul 2.20

  • Garrison Wall Revamped
  • Removed player manipulation possibiltiy from KI commands
  • /autoshout is now default behavior
  • KI lag reduction
  • Smoother animations
  • Other minor code fixes

Let me use this occasion to say a few words about my current involvement in TOC. It has been some time since the last update and, let me be perfectly honest, I don't think the number of update will increase anytime soon. My motivation to work on new URU stuff is currently very low and there are other projects and things I prefer working on, in my free time. Of course I am still regularly checking the forums and PMs, to assure everything is working as good as possible, but, I don't want to get hopes up that I will get around to pushing new content updates. I'm glad people are still enjoying TOC and kind of creating their own content by exploring the world and showing others the stuff they found out. :)
That being said, this update pulls some changes over from the last MOSS-compatible H-uru client version. Also, we announced our new Wall version a long time ago and not everything may be perfectly polished yet, but since it doesn't make any sense to have it lying around, we decided to release it anyway, now. Some of the controls/displays have changed in the new version, but I'm sure you'll figure it out soon enough. ;)
Big thanks to everyone else involved in the process: Opa for rewriting most of the Wall code, Doobes for his awesome voice-acting and Filtik for helping to test and release the new Wall. :D
I hope you enjoy this update!


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