Dear explorers,
next week, on Saturday, March 28th, The Open Cave will move to a new server. We have been preparing for this and expect everything to run smoothly. However, there will be a period of 24-hours where you may not be able to play on our shards.

At 6am CET, 5am UTC, which is Friday, March 27 11pm MDT/KI, we will make the last database backup. After that, all of your progress on the shards as well as our websites WILL BE LOST! Within a few horus after that, both shards will be shut down and the backups will be restored on the new server. It should not take long until the shards are running again. Nevertheless, we have to change our domain to redirect to the new server. This change can take up to 24-hours until it is active, which means you may not be able to play because you are still connecting to the old server.

On Sunday, March 29th, you can try to login to our shards. As soon as it works the change is complete and you're good to explore again.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. :)


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