Okay, here's a little overview on our server and client.



We are using the MOSS (Myst Online Server Software) server by a'moaca'. For further information, look here.

Our TPotS shard is running the Alcugs server software. (More)



Our client is using the GoW/H'uru-fork of the CWE (CyanWorlds.com Engine). You can view the GoW-fork or our source here.

The scripts we are using are a fork of the H'uru moul-scripts. These available at Github too. (here) However, we made some changes and additions to the scripts and we also added the basics of the OfflineKI by diafero. Our source is available here.


If you have any questions, please contact Mystler (developer AT mystler DOT eu) who is generally maintaining the MOUL/MOSS related files.

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